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A message from Vanity Homes

As we welcome In the New Year we want to take moment and reflect upon the past year and all the hard work that was put in by our staff and tradesmen in order to maintain our high standard of quality. It was definitely a tough year as the housing market remained unresponsive despite the efforts of all the builders and tradesmen alike. We personally canít thank our tradesmen enough for sticking with it throughout the turmoil and facing the adversity of an uncertain economic situation head on. Through it we have built a stronger bond and it has carried over to the workmanship.

To our valued customers, through your dedication, commitment and feedback, we have been able to remain true to our roots. It is you who brings us back down to earth, it is you that reminds us that we can always do better. It is the gratitude that you show us that brings about our motivation. You inspire us to build better and for that we are whole heartedly thankful. We do not run this ship on our own, you are just as much a part of this companyís success as its employees.

Looking forward, we have begun new ventures in Sherwood and Layalta. Our success in these communities is dependent on the continued support of all of our staff and trades alike. Through experience we have come to understand that success is not based on individual effort, this market is not driven by the success of individuals, our success is greatly dependant on those around us and those who help us. It is a fully functioning machine that relies on each of its parts, each of its cogís. One canít work without the other therefore we request that each one of you continue to do your part to the best of your ability. Our trades, we expect the continued vigor represented in your workmanship that allows us to confidently display your remarkable product. Our loyal and dedicated customers, we expect your cooperation and your constructive critique so we can continue to improve our product. It is you that holds us accountable. To our financial, sales and legal teams, we expect the due diligence that brought about our relationship. The reason we work with you is because of your results and we require that you continue to exemplify your excellence in the field that you are in so these results continue.

As the economic downshift ends we look forward to building new communities and new relationships. This year should be a fun year for everyone

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